12 Signs She’s The One For You


There are numerous lists online and in self-help books giving women advice on how find that special man.  I thought it would be fun to highlight what qualities guys look for in a woman. Please note the ability to twerk did not make the list. Enjoy and please comment below.

1. She has to be good with children.

You can tell a lot about a woman’s character, based on how she interacts with
children.  Having patience with children is essential to good parenting and having similar parenting philosophies is essential to a balanced household.

2. She should genuinely be a good person.

You can determine if a woman is genuinely good, by her ability to consider others before making decisions.  She may not always make the right choices, but if she’s considers others in her decision making, she may avoid making catastrophic choices.

3. Financially responsible.

We know women love to have a million pairs of shoes, which all look alike, but you shouldn’t sacrifice paying rent or eating meals with meat in order to have the latest Christian Louboutin shoes.

4. Must be able to cook.

She doesn’t have to be next Iron Chef, but if you find yourself eating cereal for dinner that’s a major red flag.  There are enough websites, cooking classes, grandmothers and great aunts around that every woman should be at least efficient in the kitchen.  You just have to have the desire to cook and put for the effort to create a decent meal.

black-woman-cooking black love

5. Supportive of your dreams and ambitions.

Her dreams will become your dreams, but when she equally supports your dreams she’s definitely a keeper.  This does not include any “I want to be rapper” dreams.

6. She must be in a similar place in life.

We usually describe this as “being on the same page” but to elaborate, timing is important in any relationship.  Does she want to settle down?  Is she casually dating?  Is she still trying to find herself?  The answers to these “dealbreaker” questions should be the same. The more you have in common, the more likely you’re compatible.

7. You shouldn’t want to change too many things about her.

Lets face it people rarely change and women are extreme creatures of habit.  Besides any initial personality differences or philosophies, if there are significant things you don’t like about her, its probably going to cause major problems long term.  If you expect her to change in order to fit into your bubble, it’s not going to happen.

8. Must have sexual chemistry.

If we’re being totally honest, this is simultaneously the most and least important compatibility trait.  Sex can essentially make or break even the most otherwise compatible couple.  If the honeymoon period has ended and you crave “fellatio” and she thinks its only for special occasions, you can rest assure this relationship is going nowhere.

9. She doesn’t complete you she extends you.

Finding that special woman shouldn’t be the definitive moment of your life. As a unit you both should grow; become greater individuals while complimenting each other’s deficiencies.  If you get that promotion, start to workout more, become more romantic, experiment with recipes, reduce your debt, its most likely because she motivates you to do and be better.


10. She lets you know when you’re wrong without emasculating you.

This should not be confused with the dreaded “nagging girlfriend”.  If she genuinely wants you to be great and wants you to succeed, this often comes with being honest and calling you out on your sh*t.  Her opinion is important to you so you should listen. However, any woman who berates or belittles a man (especially in any public setting), is a woman you want to steer very clear of .

11. Your friends and family love her.

Your friends and family are going to give you the unfiltered opinion of this woman. They’ve experienced the ex-girlfriend, who left you for the male stripper, and they don’t want you to make the same mistake twice.  They will highlight those red flags when your love endorphins cloud your otherwise good judgement.  Listen to your circle, if they like her, then you should love her.

12. She must be funny.

I can’t stress how important this is. Dating someone with no sense of humor, will not work. You must be able to share laughs and private jokes.  Let’s face it, relationships cause a lot of humorous situation and scenarios and you want to be able to laugh together.  If you don’t get each others sense of humor, then a major portion of the interpersonal relationship will be lacking.  If you find yourself laughing hysterically and she feels “its not that funny” you better run to the nearest comedy club and find the next Lisa Lampanelli.


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    • I agree Reggie did an amazing job on this post. Its nice to hear it from a man’s point of view.

    • Thank You! This list can also serve as a guide for women. Utilizing these qualities and even highlighting them to a potential mate can make a woman more desirable to quality men.

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  1. This is a good read.. If you’re a young man and don’t know what to look for in a real woman, pay attention to this..

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