5 Annoying Text Messages Men Send

black woman yelling at phone1. Send me a pic

This is the most irritating text message EVER, especially if you are Facebook friends or he follows you on Instagram. This text is usually a sneaky way of asking for nude pictures. Ladies, only send fully clothed and respectable pictures. When you send nude pictures, you take the risk of them being shown to others or posted online. Don’t send any pictures, that would embarrass you, if they were leaked.

2. “ard,” “l8r,” “bae,”

What? I hate text messages filled with abbreviations. Most people have unlimited text messages, so there is no need for the brevity. When someone texts me strange abbreviations, I assume they can’t spell well or formulate a complete sentence. If you’re too busy to use real words, don’t text.

3. “wyd?”

Why do people text this? Most of the time they don’t actually care what you’re doing. It’s simply a way to keep the lines of communication open. This text is even more annoying when it’s received during “creep hours”. What did you think I was doing at 2:30am?

4. The vague text

I don’t make vague plans, either we’re going out or we aren’t. If you ask what I’m doing tonight/this weekend, my expectation is that you’re asking because you want to make plans. I’m not going to keep my schedule open, just in case, you decide you want to hang out.

5. One word replies.

If I wrote a paragraph, I expect more than a one word reply. “K” doesn’t work. The abbreviated reply usually doesn’t answer the question anyway. It’s alright if it happens once in a while, but he should follow-up when he has more time to respond.


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Chrystal Webb

Chrystal is a first year radiology resident, who likes to blog about her life outside of medicine and random things she enjoys.

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  1. I enjoyed reading and I agree.

    Most of those are tendencies of fkboys. Whenever I’ve seen it, it’s 99.99% spot on that they abusers are definite fkboy material.

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