Black History Fact: John W. Thompson and Microsoft


John W. Thompson (born April 24, 1949) is the CEO of Virtual Instruments and the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Microsoft Corporation. He is a former vice-president at IBM and the former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Symantec… Continue Reading

February 6, 1820: The Mayflower of Liberia leaves New York


On February 6, 1820 the Mayflower of Liberia set sail. This was the first organized Black emigration back to Africa. It began when 86 free Blacks left New York Harbor aboard the ship the Elizabeth, which was called the Mayflower… Continue Reading

Feb 5th 1994: Beckwith Convicted of Murdering Medgar Evers


On February 5, 1994, avowed White supremacist Byron de la Beckwith is convicted of Medgar Evers‘ murder, more than thirty years after he was shot in the back from an apparent ambush. The movie ‘Ghosts of Mississippi’ details the 1994… Continue Reading