TIME and Facebook Predict When You Should Get Married

TIME and Facebook Predict When You Should Get Married

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, TIME has developed an application which analyzes the ages of your married Facebook friends to determine your perfect marriage date. It measures the median age of your married friends; half of your married friends… Continue Reading

Side Chick Signs: Valentine’s Day Edition

Side Chick Signs: Valentine's Day Edition side chick notification

February 14th is a day for celebrating love and spending time with your significant other. Unfortunately, each Valentine’s Day, unsuspecting women are suddenly devastated by discovering that they will be spending the day alone. It’s also a day when side… Continue Reading

Give Her What She Really Wants For Valentine’s Day

What she Really Wants on Valentine's Day

Each year on February 14th, women are disappointed by their partner failing to meet their Valentine’s Day expectations. It’s not entirely our mate’s fault, because we rarely communicate our Valentine’s Day expectations.  Most women feel that explicitly telling our man… Continue Reading

What He Really Wants on Valentine’s Day

What He Really Wants on Valentine's Day

Valentines day has traditionally been filled with cliché  moments such as reservations at expensive restaurants and buying the holiday gift you forgot to get six weeks ago.  If you and your man are tired of recycling the same boring gestures,… Continue Reading

Find Out If Your Partner Is A Match

Find Out If Your Partner Is A Match black couple black love

In a new relationship, your feelings can become overwhelmed; you sincerely want things to work, so you make exceptions.  However, after the honeymoon phase has ended, where does your relationship stand?  In order to make your relationship long-lasting and happy,… Continue Reading