Cooking for Bae: Thanksgiving Edition

My friend Tia recently introduced me to a hilarious Instagram page, Cooking For Bae, which features terrible meals cooked by some unfortunate souls. The funniest part of the page is the captions, people honestly believe that they can cook and others should be happy to eat their unrecognizable gruel. I really feel bad for the men who are forced to eat those struggle meals. Ladies if you see one of the meals you cooked for your “bae” on the page then you should stop, don’t pass go and proceed directly to cooking school.




cajun turkey

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Seriously?! What do you use to carve this turkey shaped roach? I will not, can not eat blackened turkey, Sam I Am.



Where do you buy a purple turkey? Do you get super powers if you eat it? If not, I’ll pass. I would only risk my health for x-ray vision.



*Mortal Kombat voice* IT HAD BEGUN!!! "Cooking for bae day" is upon us!!!

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Awe that’s nice! The turkey got a mash potato spa day before Thanksgiving. Well, that’s the only way this would make sense.



no walls..

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What in the prehistoric hell is this? It doesn’t even have limbs! Was it eating the vegetables when y’all killed it? I don’t think any living creature has a hole this big. I need to know where y’all shop because I’ve never seen anything like this in good ole Walmart.



that poor bird died in vain #baethanksgiving

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Why is the turkey ashy? Relax on the canned mixed vegetable medley. It’s Thanksgiving, please use fresh vegetables, your family will thank you. Next time, save the olives for your martini.



shouldve had an iron stomach #baethanksgiving

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He was actually excited to eat this cremated turkey.



poultry abuse

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I think its supposed to be chicken. My question is: Did they buy the chicken missing half of its limbs? Is it cheaper? Do you have to go to a special store to buy them? I need answers!





yall think she made this for Chris

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Are those biscuits on top? Karrueche needs to stick to what she’s good at, whatever that is.



he cooked for bae and fam.. last mothalovin time

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Martha Stewart didn’t die for this!! How can you mess up green been casserole?



how in all of Oz is this sweet potatoe casserole?!

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Looks like leftovers from a fish fry.



nooooo why did u post the outhouse bowl?!!!

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I won’t say what this looks like, but I will say that it shouldn’t be anywhere near the dinner table 🙁



i'm str8 bae..

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Crayola doesn’t even make this color. Looks like mystery meat from the cafeteria.





Looks like chicken strips in a sea of oily peaches.



Bonus Category


guess that doesnt include you bruh..

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What is this? No seriously what is this? I can’t identify anything in the pot. It looks like the animal mated and laid eggs while it was being “cooked.” Must be witches brew.


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  2. WTF. That’s why I leave the cooking to Antwan. Won’t see my best meal on there. Cereal and I’m the sh** at that. Just enough milk to cereal.

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