Curse of Chucky Prank

This is hands down, the most hilarious prank I’ve ever seen. Unsuspecting victims at a bus stop, were terrorized by an actor dressed as Chucky, who jumps out from behind a poster. Chucky is armed with a large fake knife and chases the terrified people down the street.


 Watch the Curse of Chucky Prank below

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Chrystal Webb

Chrystal is a first year radiology resident, who likes to blog about her life outside of medicine and random things she enjoys.


  1. Nofollow kalo banyak juga ada yang buka.Jangan terlalu fokus komen pada do or no, yang penting kita sudah baca artikelnya dan berterima kasih pada yang membuat.Lama-lama juga kalo PR mau naik ya, naik sendiri dia.makasi buat infonya ya om:D

  2. Que ricas deben de ser,aparte de sanas y naturales….una pregunta,los copos de avena,los tengo ple?.s..osirvannQue pases una feliz semana.cariños

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