Danny’s Wok Falsely Accused Of Selling Cat Meat

After the Metro ran its story on Dec 2nd, about a West Philly restaurant shut down for butchering cats and dogs, rumors spread that the Chinese Store in question, was Danny’s Wok. The Metro article did not state which restaurant it was, but it did clearly state that the incident occurred 11 years ago. George Bengal, director of law enforcement for the SPCA, was quoted regarding the incident, due the recent bill which, if passed in the state senate, would make it illegal to breed and kill cats and dogs in order to consume their meat. It is already illegal in Pennsylvania for restaurants to serve cat and dog meat.

The Metro ran a follow-up story on Dec 17th clearly stating that it was not Danny’s Wok, and the restaurant in question was shut down over 11 years ago.  Danny Cheng, the owner of Danny’s Wok, told the Metro that he has been receiving over 100 calls per day asking if the restaurant is open and has had multiple requests for the “dog and cat meal.” Cheng is frustrated over the rumors and states that he has never served dog or cat meat during the 18 years he has owned the West Philly restaurant. “It gives me a headache. Usually it’s very busy. Right now, [we] have no people coming for the lunch and the dinner.”

Danny cheng facebook post about danny's wok

I grew up a few blocks away from Danny’s Wok, and over the years, I’ve eaten more than my share of their food. I’ve never questioned the quality of Danny’s Wok’s food, and they have been known as one of the best Chinese stores in the city.  With that being said, it’s amazing how so many people stopped eating at Danny’s Wok over a rumor started Dec 9th on Facebook by Buffy Mason.  Before you decide to boycott a business over something you “heard,” take the time and research the issue.

Did the rumor cause you stop eating at Danny’s Wok ? If so, why?

buffy mason dannys wok facebook post Danny's Wok Falsely Accused Of Selling Cat Meat

buffy mason dannys wok facebook post 2 Danny's Wok Falsely Accused Of Selling Cat Meat


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