Find Out If Your Partner Is A Match

Find Out If Your Partner Is A Match black couple black love

In a new relationship, your feelings can become overwhelmed; you sincerely want things to work, so you make exceptions.  However, after the honeymoon phase has ended, where does your relationship stand?  In order to make your relationship long-lasting and happy, you need to know the signs to look for to determine if it’s truly a match.

The Way You Live

Your lifestyles should be similar. You should be able to function together and thrive in each others company. Having similar view on how a household should be arranged, general expectations and roles should is important. Not having similar lifestyles will cause problems later on, as tension build and become major problems.

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Your Social Circle

Must be able to share opinions on each others social circle.  It’s important to know if your mate has problems with your friends or issues with you hanging out without him or her. You should come to an agreement on how much time, effort and energy is spent with your social circle to avoid problems.

Sexual Habits

Look at your sexual habits and determine who initiates and wants sex more.  After figuring this out, find out if the person who initiates it less actually wants sex less or just likes to be pursued.  If there is a big difference in how much each partner desires and values sex, it will cause issues in the future that will turn one-off from the other and possibly lead to cheating.

Find Out If Your Partner Is A Match black couple in bed black love

Emotional Levels

Examine how each person responds to emotional moments.  An emotional person needs someone whose equally emotional so they can understand and give the support needed.  If they are paired with a less sensitive person, they may often feel that their mate doesn’t really understand or love them. The less sensitive person may feel that the other is too emotionally dependent and therefore feel smothered.

Activities and Home Comfort

This is an important factor to consider.  In the beginning, you’re going to do a lot of activities together but after the honeymoon phase ends, where do you both stand.  If you both enjoy going out and doing different things or relaxing at home, then you’re right on track.  However, if you enjoy going out but your partner likes to be home, then you’re in for a lot of arguments, lonely time and breakups.  Make sure that you talk about how you’re spending time together and be honest about your expectations.

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