Give Her What She Really Wants For Valentine’s Day

What she Really Wants on Valentine's Day

Each year on February 14th, women are disappointed by their partner failing to meet their Valentine’s Day expectations. It’s not entirely our mate’s fault, because we rarely communicate our Valentine’s Day expectations.  Most women feel that explicitly telling our man what we want, takes the value out of him doing it. We often throw out subtle hints about our desires and expect our partner to notice. For example, if your woman mentions that her back is really sore, a good response would be to give her a massage or send her to a masseuse.  We don’t expect you to read our minds, we just want you to pay attention and show that you hear us.

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Women want romance, not just on Valentine’s Day. We want to feel special and want you to show that you care about us. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but you must to put in the time and effort. Remember, Valentine’s Day is a time  for strengthening your relationship and expressing your true feelings to your partner.

Here are some suggestions on what she really wants for Valentine’s Day.

Send flowers or Edible Arrangement to her job

The women (and some men) in her office, will be gossiping about who got what on V-day. You don’t want her to have to make up an excuse about how you are doing something later on. She will feel forgotten, if everyone else receives gifts and she doesn’t. It may seem silly, but its a small gesture that can really brighten up her day.

Note: This can’t be the only gift. We can’t let you off that easily.

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Sensual Bubble Bath

Bubble baths are a great way to wind down. Get a nice hotel room with a jacuzzi and set the mood by lighting candles, adding scented oils and rose petals to the bath. Cue up a sexy playlist an add a bottle of champagne to make it perfect.

Note: If you aren’t going to a hotel, make sure you use a clean and comfortable bathtub. There’s nothing romantic about bathing in a murky, sparse bubble bath.

What SHe Really Wants on Valentine's Day BATH WITH ROSES


Buy her a bottle of her favorite fragrance. If you’re adventurous and have a great sense of smell, craft her a signature scent at a fragrance shop. Name the fragrance after her and she’ll have an exclusive perfume no one can buy.

Note: Please don’t pick a perfume for her if you have a poor sense of smell. You don’t want to give her a bottle of trash truck juice. Bath and Body Works fragrances are NOT an option.

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Spa Day/Massage

Book a spa day or a couple’s massage. It’s a great way to relax and spend time together. You could also purchase massage oils and candles to give her a DIY version. If you do it at home, really put some effort into the massage and make sure she enjoys it.

Note: If you don’t have to work you should go to the spa with her. It’s more romantic and you don’t want her to think you’re spending time with someone else.

What she Really Wants on Valentine's Day couple's massage

Romantic Private Dinner

Have a chef come prepare a meal in your home or prepare a romantic dinner yourself. Women love a man who can cook. Be sure to include a few aphrodisiac foods like oysters, salmon and red wine to help get her in the mood. If she likes chocolate or cheese, fondue is a great option and it will give you an opportunity to feed each other.

Note: If you’re a terrible cook, please don’t force her to eat your gruel. It’s hard to be sexy when you have food poisoning.

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Diamonds and Gold

You can never go wrong with diamonds, after-all they are a girl’s best friend. Don’t buy a random piece of discount bling. Spend time finding something that fits her style. If you want to get a ring, but aren’t ready for the big commitment, a promise ring may be a good option. A nice pair of earrings or a bracelet are also great choices.

Note: If she’s been waiting for a proposal, I would avoid rings altogether because you don’t want her to be disappointed when you don’t propose.

What SHe Really Wants on Valentine's Day different thoughts

Surprise Romantic Getaway

Nothing says romance like a trip to paradise.  You will be boyfriend/husband of the year for pulling off a surprise vacation. Just make sure she has off from work, you don’t want her to be unemployed when you get back. Give her time to pack, especially if she not good with traveling light.

Note: I know it’s expensive, but if you have it to spend, she will definitely be grateful.

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Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days to propose. This is the ultimate v-day gift, especially if it’s unexpected. You are already planning a romantic evening, so proposing will only make the day epic. Plus, it will make it easier for you to remember when you got engaged.

Note: I’m not suggesting that you propose if you aren’t ready.  You and your mate should have had discussions about marriage.

What SHe Really Wants on Valentine's Day proposal

Things MOST women don’t want on Valentine’s Day:

    • Porn
    • Gag gifts
    • Slutty lingerie
    • Stuffed Animals
    • Household Supplies
    • Weight loss products/gym clothes
    • Fake Diamonds
    • Emoji Roses
    • Fast Food
    • Sexual demands
    • Excuses

Its not about how much you spend, it’s about showing how much cherish her.

 What She Really Wants for Valentine's Day this guy adores his girlfriend

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