I Don’t Like Being Hungry

I turn into Betty White when I’m hungry and I get really mean. The other night I was invited out to an event and when I arrived, I discovered that it was a dinner-less dinner. Blasphemy! I was absolutely starving and I thought I was going to die because I had a bagel earlier that day. I promptly ordered my own meal and left as soon as I was done eating.

A few months ago, I drove down to visit my friend, only to discover barren cabinets and no mention of going out to eat. Why did she play with my emotions like that? I promptly went to target and bought a bunch of food so I could ensure my survival.

Don’t invite me out to eat, if there won’t actually be any food and warn me if you don’t buy groceries before I come visit.


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Chrystal Webb

Chrystal is a first year radiology resident, who likes to blog about her life outside of medicine and random things she enjoys.

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