Should I Be Worried If My Husband Goes Out Without His Wedding Ring?

I’ll start off by saying; I’m not married so I won’t pretend to know what it’s like to have a husband. However, I was recently asked this question and I found it pretty interesting. I’ve been told that I think more like a guy than a girl (not sure if this is a good or bad thing) so I see the situation a little differently. Guys are interesting creatures who do strange things for a variety of reasons. I wouldn’t immediately assume the worst. If my husband had a change in behavior: new cologne, coming home later, mood swings, etc., then I would be concerned. I feel that if you’re in committed you have to trust your partner, if you don’t then why are you together? Trust is the foundation of any relationship. If you assume the worst of your partner, you will only see traits that confirm your suspicions.

From what I’ve heard, some guys don’t wear their wedding ring to see if he still has “it.” Or they just want to have fun during a night out with their friends and don’t want people to treat them like they’re wearing the scarlet letter. The other possibility is that their girlfriend/side piece/boyfriend/other family doesn’t know they’re married.

The easiest way to find out why he goes out without his wedding ring is to ask him. Why, you ask? He’s going to lie anyway right? But if you don’t speak up, how would he know that bothers you? Common sense isn’t common to everyone and you can’t assume that he knows that going out without wearing his ring would upset you. Open communication is an important part of any healthy relationship.

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My advice:

The next time he goes out without his ring, follow him. Wear a disguise (like a tree or a bar stool) and blend in with his surroundings. Get close and take lots of pictures as evidence. If you really want to know if he’s a cheater hire a hooker to proposition him in the club. Make sure you pay her well, so she’s aggressive and won’t take no for an answer. Once they go off and complete the dead, you can jump out Cheaters style and confront him for his cheating ways. Or you could not take my advice and just talk to your husband. Whatever is easier for you but I vote for the hooker.

Please note: I do not condone cheating under any circumstances and I respect the sanctity of marriage.


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Chrystal Webb

Chrystal is a first year radiology resident, who likes to blog about her life outside of medicine and random things she enjoys.


  1. ‘Flea Market Babylegs’ and ‘Brite Rainbow Footless Tights’ would not only look so flash, but will mean that I can still hold my mui#;knn&c8217hs tootsie toes in my hand for a tickle when we’re bonding in the Ergobaby!

  2. Not a problem for me. Im like the guy of the relationship. I often forget my ring. My husbands always wears his. To the store, bar, basketball games, you name it he b wears it.

  3. Great topic and good advice. It’s important to ask questions and not assume the behavior is negative or disrespectful. Or just rent the hooker your husband will thank you or divorce you later.

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