Side Chick Signs: Valentine’s Day Edition

Side Chick Signs: Valentine's Day Edition side chick notification

February 14th is a day for celebrating love and spending time with your significant other. Unfortunately, each Valentine’s Day, unsuspecting women are suddenly devastated by discovering that they will be spending the day alone. It’s also a day when side chicks suffer through another holiday without their part-time lover. Here’s a few ways to find if your man has plans with someone else on Valentine’s Day.

Claims He Doesn’t Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Unless he doesn’t typically celebrate commercialized holidays, this is an outright lie. If he doesn’t want to buy you a V-day gift, he should still be willing to spend the day with you.

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Sends you a nice Valentine’s Day gift, but is missing in action

It’s easier to spend money on someone than to spend time with them. Time is at a premium on V-day and he has to be strategic with his efforts. He’ll send you flowers and the designer bag you wanted, but his time will be spent with someone else.

Side Chick Signs: Valentine's Day Edition woman with rose

Is Going Out of Town On Business

If he often travels for work and you don’t have any suspicions of infidelity, then this may not be as big of a concern. Depending on where he’s going, ask if you can come on the trip. You could combine business and pleasure by spending time together in a new city and shopping while he’s working. If he freaks out or gives a million excuses about why you can’t come, he likely has another woman in his travel plans.

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You Have To See Him During An Unusual Time Slot

If he makes breakfast, lunch, or early bird dinner plans with you, he has prime time plans with someone else. Most people expect to have Valentine’s Day plans during the 8pm-12am time slot. He’s trying to be crafty by making sure he sees you, without it interfering with his other plans.

Side Chick Signs: Valentine's Day Edition chic fil a dinner

If he takes you to Chic fil A on Valentine’s Day, you really need to re-evaluate your relationship.

Gives You A Generic Drug Store Gift

Valentine’s Day gifts don’t have to be expensive, but they should have some thought put into them. A $5 teddy bear and $3 box of chocolates means he just wanted to get you something, so he could say he did.

Has A Vague Last Minute Emergency

He has to go into work, one of his family members need him, a friend is in trouble or a deerbra ran out in the road. He tells you just enough info to make it seem like a valid excuse but he is very sparse with the details. The “emergency” is a last-minute way to get out of his plans with you. He didn’t want to outright tell you that he would be unavailable, because you would have asked too many questions.

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Gets “Sick” on Valentine’s Day

Your significant other has been in great health in the days leading up to V-day, but now he is suddenly ill. He claims he doesn’t want to get you sick, so he declines your offers to bring him soup and tissues. He’s only too sick to hang out with you and will  spend the evening with his “main chick”.

Side Chick Signs: Valentine's Day Edition sick

You Can’t Reach Him After 8pm

You’ve been communicating most of the day, but after 8pm his phone is mysteriously turned off or he doesn’t respond to your texts. That’s a huge red flag that he’s occupied with someone else and doesn’t want you to disturb their evening.

Has To Work Late

If your guy doesn’t usually work the late shift, he’s simply blocking off that time so you won’t make plans. Offer to visit him at his job or bring him dinner. If he makes up excuses and is adamant that wouldn’t be a good idea, he likely has plans that don’t include you.

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Insists you celebrate on Feb 13th or 15th

Valentine’s Day is for spending time with the ones you love. If you’re the woman on the side, he has other obligations to fill on the 14th. He’s likely planning to spend National Side Chick Appreciation Day with you.

Side Chick Signs: Valentine’s Day Edition the side chick is you

Ladies, NO man is worth sharing. Staying with someone who you know is cheating, is just setting yourself up for heartache and lots of lonely nights. It may be difficult to leave him, but he’s just occupying space where someone worthy should be. There’s nothing wrong with being single and it’s good to take time and evaluate your expectations of a partner.

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