How To Survive the Holidays With Your Boyfriend’s Family

black-family-in-laws Survive the Holidays With Your Boyfriend's Family

1. Bring a dish.

You shouldn’t show up empty handed. Desserts are always a safe choice but avoid allergic provoking ingredients  like nuts. I wouldn’t bring alcohol unless he explicitly states it is okay. You don’t want to be responsible for Uncle Charlie falling off the wagon…again.

2. Dress nicely.

I would avoid low cut tops and really tight clothing. The only breast people should be looking at are the ones on the turkey.

3. Talk to his family.

This is an opportunity to get to know your potential future in-laws. So, don’t sit in the corner staring at your phone because it will make you seem distant and uninterested.

4. Don’t get involved in family drama.

If his family starts arguing, don’t get involved. There may be some background drama that you’re not aware of. It’s best to let the other family members deal with it.

family dinner_Survive the Holidays With Your Boyfriend's Family

5. Be nice to everyone.

Being mean to his family (even if they are rude) will make you look bad. If the conversation is getting awkward give the person a compliment or ask them something about themselves. Show that you’re genuinely interesting in getting to know them.

6. Don’t criticize the food.

We all know someone who only knows how to cook different colors of gruel, but the holidays aren’t the time to bring it up. Telling your boyfriend that his mom is a horrible cook, won’t go over well, especially if he loves her cooking. You don’t want to cause any unnecessary tension between you and his family. Just smile and eat your gruel.

7. Limit your alcohol intake.

You don’t want to be hammered around his family. You can have a drink or two but no more. If you’re a lightweight, just leave the spirits alone.

santa passed-out-next-to-xmas-tree Survive the Holidays With Your Boyfriend's Family

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