TIME and Facebook Predict When You Should Get Married

TIME and Facebook Predict When You Should Get Married

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, TIME has developed an application which analyzes the ages of your married Facebook friends to determine your perfect marriage date. It measures the median age of your married friends; half of your married friends are older and half are younger than the specified age. Friends who list their relationship status as “married,” “engaged,” “in a domestic partnership,” or “in a civil union” are included in the analysis. If your friends do not have their date of birth listed, including year, they are not counted.

Try the application here: TIME Can Predict Your Perfect Marriage Date

Here are my results:

TIME and Facebook Predict When You Should Get Married

How am I supposed to get married in 25 days? Why would TIME make an app which makes people even more conscious of being single?

Don’t take this app too seriously, as it’s a poor interpretation of data, at best. Most of my Facebook friends were excluded from the analysis: 22% of my friends were included in the graph.  TIME predicted 25% of Facebook friends would be included, either way, this graph is pointless.


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TIME assumed I would:

  • Be envious if most of my friends were already married
  • Base my life decisions on what my Facebook friends are doing
  • Rush and get married if the date they specified is fast approaching
  • Feel lonely if I should have already been married
Facebook isn’t real life. People post what they want you to see. You can’t base your life on social media. If you’re ready to settle down with that special someone, go ahead. But don’t rush into marriage because an app said you should.


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