Watch James Franco and Seth Rogen in Bound 3 (Kanye Parody)

James Franco and Seth Rogen were apparently bored on the set of their new movie, The Interview, and decided to make Bound 3, a parody of Kanye West’s Bound 2 video featuring Kim Kardashian. Kim looked amazing in Bound 2, but it felt so staged and inorganic. Franco and Rogen mimic the mannerisms in the original video so well. I was really impressed by Seth’s performance and I believe the parody is better than the original video. Bound 3  is absolutely hilarious and definitely worth watching.

Kim and Kanye loved the Bound 3 video.

screen-shot-kim k tweet


Here are some still shots from Bound 2 and 3.








split screen bound 3


Watch James Franco and Seth Rogen in Bound 3


Watch Kanye West in Bound 2

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