What He Really Wants on Valentine’s Day

What He Really Wants on Valentine's Day

Valentines day has traditionally been filled with cliché  moments such as reservations at expensive restaurants and buying the holiday gift you forgot to get six weeks ago.  If you and your man are tired of recycling the same boring gestures, give him a valentine’s day to remember.  We know you’re still recouping your bank account from holiday shopping and New Year’s Eve champagne sipping, so these date night ideas will involve little money, lots of creativity and fun time with your one and only.

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Have Sex

It’s a win-win situation for both of you. We already know there are plenty of health benefits to getting busy, including lowering blood pressure, boosting your immune system and burning calories, but there’s just something special about having sex on the day of love. This time around, get a new sex toy, buy some lingerie, watch porn together or just surprise him with sex in a new location. A recent survey  found 70 percent of men just want sex on Valentine’s Day, and probably every other day of the week.

Recreate Your First Date

Do you remember your first date? Was it awkward or was it smooth?  If you want to be nostalgic , try recreating your first date (and if you’re up for it, recreate the same outfit for extra points). You’ll both realize how far into the relationship you’ve come and get all mushy about old memories.  But remember, in the updated version it’s alright to kiss or go farther than you did on the original first date.

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Stay In Bed All Day

If you’re able to stay in bed all day great, if not, use a vacation day that would have frivolously been used this year.  Strategically plan a cough; tell your boss you’re not feeling well and stay home.  Snuggle up in your favorite sweats and if you’re feeling frisky; go green and take a romantic shower together.  Next explore the kitchen; make breakfast together and watch a season of your favorite show.  This alone time is just what every couple needs.  Trust me, you will enjoy this relaxation time and so will he.

What He Really Wants on Valentine's Day

Get Him A Massage At Home

The only thing better than a massage, is a massage inside the comforts of your own home.  Have a masseuse set up a massage parlor in your living room, filled with scented candles, hot rocks and nature filled sounds.  An alternative would be to give the rub down yourself and use a few of your own massage tricks.

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Have A Game Night

If playing chess gets you in the mood (yes it really does for some folks), do it.  Stop and go inside that adult superstore you always giggle at, but never go inside.  It could be sexy truth or dare, board games or my very favorite; downloading sex apps on your tablet or phone to spice things up.

Remember, Valentines Day should not be full of stress.  It should be a day of celebration and actions from the heart.  As long as your love is genuine your actions will be loved and appreciated.

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